Formlabs Form 2 & Form 3 SLA 3D Printers

The Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer delivers consistently reliable performance and can produce extremely detailed, complex 3D objects.
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At the heart of the Form 2 3D Printer is a powerful optical engine: a 250mW precision laser is guided by custom-built galvanometers, delivering big prints with spectacular detail - the minimum print layer thickness is an incredible 25 microns! A new peel mechanism and heated resin tank create a reliable print process for large, solid parts and small intricate details. The Form 2 can print using an extensive range of different resins from tough and durable for engineering parts, to casting wax with excellent burn out properties for jewelry applications. A Form 3 printer has recently been added, allowing us to use the Form 2 for ceramic resin and castable wax printing.