About Us

Fab Lab Plymouth, part of Arts University Plymouth is a digital fabrication laboratory that gives you the power to turn your ideas into reality. Using the latest in digital technology, we help businesses, students and the public unlock the power of making.

Fab Lab Plymouth is a fully-kitted workshop that gives you the power to turn ideas and concepts into reality. We provide businesses, students and the public with access to the very latest in digital technology — so you can unlock the power of making today.

Our Fab Lab is an open-access space based at Arts University Plymouth, in the centre of a thriving coastal city. Situated next to the college’s £8m craft and design workshop complex, Fab Lab Plymouth creates a unique - and perfect - setting for traditional crafts and new technologies to merge, with exciting results. Here hand and heart meet digital making, creating work that is not just innovative technically but also aesthetically inspiring; combining cutting-edge technology with contemporary, traditional and even historic making processes.

Our facility is a part of Fab Foundation, the international FabLab network which includes over 1200 Labs across more than 30 countries. You can read the Fab Charter here. FabLabs are seen as a place to learn, experiment and create. Whether you’re a maker, a business, an entrepreneur or an inventor — we’re here to help.

We’re committed to fostering your entrepreneurial spirit by providing the space, equipment and help you need to rapidly turn ideas into working prototypes. Forget ‘Do It Yourself' — at FabLabs worldwide it’s about ‘Doing It Together’, and Plymouth is no exception.