Create a 3D Collage: Part 1

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About this Workshop

Expand your 3D design skills with the Smart Citizens team. In this online workshop we will introduce the open source software, Meshmixer, and explore how to create incredible 3D digital collages. Acting like digital clay, Meshmixer allows you to merge multiple forms to create fantastical new designs - such as combining an eagle with the Statue of Liberty!

This free software is a state of the art platform for working with triangle meshes; the format of most digital 3D forms that are found in open source free design libraries, such as Thingiverse.

During this part 1 workshop, we will:

  • Explore the various ways we can edit and combine parts to produce exciting 3D CAD (computer aided design) collages using Meshmixer
  • Give you a quick demonstration on how to render your collages on Fusion 360 to make them look realistic and professional
  • Give you a quick introduction to Cura, a software that can transform your collages into reality through the power of 3D printing

Why not also book onto our 'Create a 3D Collage: Part 2'? In this interactive follow-on workshop we will help you create your own 3D digital collage on Meshmixer!

Digital Badges

By taking part in this workshop, you will gain a Smart Citizens Digital Badge that can be added to your CV, email signature or LinkedIn profile to highlight your new skills in digital design and fabrication.


This event is part of the iMayflower project and has been supported by The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, who fund the Cultural Development Fund, which is administered by Arts Council England.

Video credit: Ian Hankey